Version 9

September 2014



This guideline document is to be read in conjunction with the relevant General Information Plan, Geotechnical Plan and Detail Sheets provided. Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate is a unique, upmarket golf and wildlife estate with excellent residential and tourism opportunities set in the beauty and serenity of Africa’s open grasslands.
As the name “Serengeti” suggests, the design of this development is located in response to the rich South African natural environment, offset against the sculpted natural beauty of a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.
The estate will include a Jack Nicklaus Designed, 27 hole ‘Signature’ golf course, with traditional golf and country club and associated sports facilities such as tennis and squash courts, an equestrian centre, a health and wellness centre, a 340 Ha conservation area with wildlife, a village square including restaurants, entertainment and retail convenience stores and a luxury resort hotel with conference facilities. It is the developer’s intention to create a WORLD CLASS leisure and golfing estate.


The vision for Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate is to for the architecture to demonstrate the delicate balance between the natural and built environment - the objective to create a seamless and appealing blend of architecture and environment, in so doing create a valuable, highly desirable and contextually appropriate living environment. The intention is to weave this vision through all urban design, architectural and landscape design considerations in order to provide a strong, palpable canvas of contextual awareness, which together with the
development guidelines provide a framework within which to foster rich and diverse architectural expression. It is imperative to bear in mind that these architectural guidelines are written not in the spirit of limitation, but rather freedom, to inform and guide with reference to carefully considered parameters in the interests of facilitating difference whilst preserving architectural identity and the broader integrity and value of the estate.

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