Version 6

January 2011



1.1 The purpose of these Guidelines and Rules is to ensure that all building activities within Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, hereinafter also referred to as Serengeti or Estate, occur with the least possible disruption to the residents, the natural beauty and vegetation within the Estate. The document must be read in conjunction with the Estate’s Rules & Regulations. In the event of any uncertainty, residents and/or their contractors must contact the Serengeti Property Owners’ Association (“SPOA”) or the Serengeti Design Review Committee (“SDRC”).

1.2 All contractors working at Serengeti must sign acceptance of this protocol prior to any work commencing on site. This code also applies and covers all subcontractors working under a main contractor on any site within the boundaries of the estate.

1.3 Access to the Estate will be strictly controlled at all times both for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Control will be exercised in terms of the prevailing Access / Security & Fines protocols, as adopted and amended from time to time and enforced by the SPOA.

1.4 The conditions governing building activity which is set out in this document are rules adopted by the SPOA and are therefore binding on all owners of property within the estate, residents, their contractors and sub-contractors. Furthermore, all residents are obliged to ensure that their contractors and sub-contractors are made aware of the conditions and comply strictly with them. Owners are therefore required to include these conditions in their entirety in any building contract concluded in respect of property in the Estate, and all such contracts
may be required to be submitted to the SPOA for prior approval. 

1.5 The SPOA has the right to suspend any building activity in contravention of any of the conditions and the SPOA accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses sustained by an Owner as a result thereof.


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