(Association incorporated under section 21)

(Reg no. 2007/013033/08) ("the SPOA")



(Where an item is used herein, it shall carry the definition assigned to it in the articles of association of the SPOA, unless a definition i accorded to it herein)

Version 7

Dated 01 September 2008



1. Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate (“SERENGETI” or “the Estate”) will be a high security, gated, residential golf and wildlife estate. SERENGETI will amongst other include, in addition to the residential aspect, also parks and other open spaces, a golf course, golf corridors, conservation areas, a hotel, school, equestrian centre,
various recreational facilities and a village square with various shops.

2. Living on our Estate will mean being part of a community of people who share a secure and high quality lifestyle. Conduct Rules for the community provide a means of protecting this lifestyle through an acceptable code by which members may live together, reasonably and harmoniously, to the benefit of all without interfering with others’ enjoyment.

3. The Estate is generally managed and controlled by the SERENGETI Property Owners’ Association (“SPOA” or “the Association”). The Board of Directors of the Association (“the Board”), in terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (“the Articles”), is given the power to make rules for the management, control, administration, use and enjoyment of the Estate (“the Rules”). The Board has the power to substitute, add to, amend or repeal any rule.

4. The Board also has the right to impose financial penalties (fines) to be paid by those members who fail to comply with the rules. Fines, where imposed, shall be deemed to be a part of the levy due by the Owner. Further, the Board may enforce provisions of any rule by application to the courts.


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