• Do you have accommodation on site? - No unfortunately not
  • On what days of the week can we host corporate or charity Golf Days? - You can host a corporate or charity golf day on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Not available over the weekends.
  • Do you have a BEE Certificate? No
  • Is the Events Department open all year round?Yes


  • Why are there no rakes on the Golf Course? - We do this purely for the look and feel of the course. Majority of our rounds are played on carts on which rakes are provided. When a player decides to walk, we provide the golfer with a rake.
  • Why is there no sand provided on the carts to refill divots on the fairway? - This is to prevent the cross contamination between the different grass species we have on the course. Our course maintenance team will fill all divots on completion of your round, to keep the course in its pristine condition.
  • Can we play the “Members 9”? - Yes you can. It is not only for Members. It is a standalone 9 holes called the ‘Whistling Thorn’. We use it all three 9 holes of the golf course so that you have the luxury of crossing over.
  • Do you sell golf clubs? - Yes we do. We also do custom fittings for all equipment to suit you and your game.

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