Over the past 6 years we have listened to your requests, we have taken note of industry challenges and just how precious our family time is these days. We therefore realised we needed to start creating more pathways to golf, ways of encouraging the young, the old, the ladies and the pro golfers to find a way to make learning and golf fun and family friendly.

Lifestyle Membership at Serengeti Golf Club allows you to balance family commitments, work and other interests with all the benefits of being a full playing member of a great private club. It is designed to suit the way you would like to play your golf and to participate in the activities of a private golf club.

We have recognised the need to adapt to changing conditions in the market for golf Memberships by introducing Lifestyle. This exciting and innovative Membership permits you access to an entry level Membership – a form of “Social Membership” that we now call “Lifestyle Membership” you can then make the decision to “Add On” one or all of the options of Membership from golf, gym, driving range & concierge etc. The more you add on the more benefits you gain.

The purpose of the Lifestyle Membership is to give you the flexibility to play golf when it suits you whilst allowing you the freedom to “Top Up” any extra Membership benefits that you may choose therefore upgrading your type of Membership to suit your lifestyle.

Our ultimate value for money Lifestyle Membership has been specifically created for every family Member and level of golfer. It provides all the benefits of belonging to a traditional club with a modern style of membership at a justifiable cost.

"Life is like a Round of Golf, with many a turn and twist. But the game is much too sweet and short To curse the shots you’ve missed. Sometimes you’ll hit it straight and far Sometimes the putts roll true. But each round has it’s errant shots And troubles to play through. So always swing with courage No matter what the lie. And never let the hazards Destroy the joy inside. And keep a song within your heart Give thanks that you can play. For the round is much too short and sweet To let it slip away."— Criswell Freeman 

Should you be interested in a Lifestyle Membership, we would request a meeting with you to discuss in further detail.

For more information, please contact Francis Keyter on
083 406 0036 or Kerri-Anne Rice on 071 896 2055