The beauty of our environment is that it’s beckoning not only to the golf enthusiast but to anyone who appreciates the outdoors. Whether it’s a leisurely walk or a grueling mountain bike ride that you’re after; Serengeti provides the ideal location, both peaceful and safe, for recreational activities.

The Golf Club does ask Residents to refrain from using cart paths while golfers are out on the course, but early morning or evening access is permissible. Residents are also welcome to take their dogs for a walk provided they clean up after their animals.

The conservation areas are accessible at any time and popular for bird watching. Take your camera with you, especially if you plan to head down to the dam area at sunrise or sunset.

The dams have been stocked with fish, mostly Tilapia, and so residents can venture out with their fishing rods for some relaxing ‘catch and release’ fishing.

The introduction of the Equestrian centre on the Estate will provide the opportunity for out-rides on horseback, another way to enjoy the natural surroundings at Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate.

Serengeti Residents are entitled to use the Curro Serengeti Academy tennis courts when available. Please contact the SPOA for the policy documentation in this regard. Arrangements must be made in advance through the school.

SPOA 011 552 7000