Masters Weekend at Serengeti Golf Club

At the Serengeti Golf Club we try to create tradition by emulating the Master weekend for our Members. We do this by hosting a weekend filled with the following events:

    • Thursday – Champions Dinner
    • Friday – Par 3 challenge where we set the Holes & Pins to the exact same positions as the Masters and in true Masters Tradition all children wear white and participate. Usually we attract 100+ players,
    • Saturday – Masters Green Jacket Championship 

Champions Dinner:

In accordance with the Masters Tournament, Serengeti Golf Club holds an annual Champions Dinner hosted by and in honour of the past years Club Champion. The dinner is one of Serengeti Golf Clubs premier events of the year. The dinner will be held on the first round of the Masters Tournament – this year the dinner will be hosted on Thursday the 9th of April 2015 in the Founder Members exclusive Lounge. The Champions Dinner has become an annual club tradition and this year will be the clubs 7th. The dinner will include a 3 course meal chosen by the past years Club Champion, during the dinner the outgoing Champion hands over to the current Champion. While still establishing the number of guests, certain VIP’s are invited to the prestigious evening and they are; Serengeti Golf Club Owners Leon & Gideon van der Vyver, Serengeti Golf Club Operations Director Ryan Reid, all previous Club Champions, Greenkeeper Craig Hunter, as well as the winners of the 4 Major Tournaments held throughout the year who represented the club at the Jack Nicklaus Champion of Champions will be invited. Each year all the attendees sign the menu which we then hand framed and hung on the walls in the Founder Members Lounge.





Overall Club Champion

John Steven Ferreira

Jandre Fullard

Men’s Club Champion

John Steven Ferreira

Jandre Fullard

Ladies Club Champion

Helene Linder

Sarah Bouch

Senior Club Champion

Barney Steyn

Clive Miller

Junior Club Champion

Wessel Heyns

Sarah Bouch

Founder Club Champion

Don Engelbrecht

Scott Dickson