The Serengeti Golf club is situated within the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate it is an encapsulated secure paradise in the middle of the very busy Gauteng. The Golf club and estate offers an opportunity of escapism without major inconvenience for those who seek it.

Upon arrival one gets a seemingly orchestrated introduction of the estate by the different diverse plant life, bird vocalisation, panoramic view of the golf course, the contemporary architectural design of the houses and buildings and the terrain which is meticulously manicured by golf course and garden maintenance.

The suspense that builds up from the moment of arrival into the estate is accompanied by a great expectation of exceptional hospitality which is soon justified by the warm handshakes and reassuring smiles of the diverse workers of Serengeti. This creates a sense of belonging and validates your presence; this too instantly makes you feel valued and appreciated as a client in Serengeti.

The Serengeti Golf Club-house is the heart of the estate and is the vital pulse of the estate. The Club-house is multi faceted in terms of the different departments such as; The Deck Restaurant which caters to your taste buds and imagination with creative and edible works of art.

The Golf Course, which is meticulously maintained to give off a deep green colour which gives off a calm feeling and a sense of relief and to overall enhance the golf players’ experience on the course all year round.

The pro shop, which sells golfing apparel and equipment give the golfers the opportunity and the convenience of a shopping experience to look stylish and sophisticated whilst they perfect their golfing skills on the course.

Lastly the Property Sales team gives a potential Serengeti home owner the opportunity to sit down and get a well detailed explanation on how they can establish their family in the estate as a residents, and how they can architecturally dress their new home.

The Serengeti Golf Estate and Wildlife diverse wildlife, plant life and streams of waters create an ecosystem specific to Serengeti within the confinements of the secure walls of the estate.

People often remember how you made them feel rather than what you did for them, the experience that can be drawn from visiting Serengeti Wildlife and Golf Estate captures the essence of that statement by making you feel valued, appreciated and to engage in paradise while you visit.

The experience at the Serengeti Wildlife and Golf Estate will make you make you remember to come back to a memorable experience. The Serengeti experience is more than something you pay money for, but rather something that brings value to your money by capitalising on your five senses.